Snuffle Mat For Dogs, Puzzle Slow Feeder Dog Bowls,Training Bell

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Buying this product you receive a set of 3 excellents dog accessories in the dog supplies. One Interactive Puzzle Slow Feeder Dog Bowls, a 35″ x 27″ Large Snuffle Mat for Dogs and one Yellow Pets Training Bell. The dog puzzles for smart dogs has anti-slip material at the bottom. It keeps the bowl while your pet is enjoying. It is easy to wash it in the dishwasher. The snuffle mat for small to large sized dogs is made with durable Oxford canvas on top and with non-slip material at the bottom. It is easy to clean and to store. On the Snuffle Mat for Dogs there is a very big flower with crinkel paper and hidden squeaker toys in the middle of the flower on the foraging Snuffle mat. The intermediate Puzzle Slow Feeder Dog Bowls and the Snuffle Mat for Large Dogs will improve your pets foraging skills.


Excellent dog stuff and treat dispensing dog toys. These dog puzzle toys for large dogs and dog bowl mat could help reduce the amount of food your pets consume daily. Sniffing requires a lot of energy from your pet. It takes longer to eat less food than usual in these dog food bowls. Carrots squeaker are good puppy chew toys for teething. Dog bowl slow feeder avoids overweight. You can spend time on your favorite activities knowing that your pet has enough to eat and enjoys


Extra-large sniffer mat (35″ x 27″) or (90 x 70) cm with Oxford canvas and non-slip material, blue puzzle toy for dogs mental stimulation and a yellow training bell. Cute dog toys for boredom and stimulating can also be used for lying down and sleeping. The treat puzzle games for dogs is a real dog mind stimulating toy. Your pet will have a lot of fun with the carrot patch dog toy on this dog puzzle mat. Excellent products for dogs. Nice dog agility training equipment.


Dog toys for medium dogs. Nice dog gifts with treats hiding places even inside the crinkle dog toy removable carrots. The snuffle mat for dogs small combined with dog feeding puzzle can help reduce the destruction of your furniture by your pets. Dogs snuffle mat and puzzle for medium dogs are smart dog toys and can really help as mentally stimulating toys for dogs. These puzzle bowl and dog feeding mat are designed to slowdown pets. These are excellent slow feeder dog bowls large breed


For more fun with your pets using this enrichment for small to large dogs you can use the training bell to give a signal to your pets to either start or stop foraging these hide and seek dog toys. Train your dog to ring the bell. Excellent dog smart toys and dog treat game. This dog distraction toy keeps your pet occupied and limits the risk of destroying your furniture. Juguetes para perros con dispensador de golosinas. Alfombra olfativa para perros.
Pet toys and dog brain games


These brain games for dogs small to large. You can wash puzzles for dogs in the washing machine on a delicate cycle. It is also easy to dry clean the dog food mat by hand. To store the dog training mat, you can just fold it up and put it in a drawer. The puzzle for dogs can be stored with dishes. Just dry clean the training bell for smart pets. The puzzle toys for dogs mental stimulation are very easy to use. Enjoy this dog toy box. Dog treats dispenser slowing down pets

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